Four Ways to Protect Your Future

Letter Carrier Political Fund (formerly COLCPE)

As NALC's PAC, the Letter Carrier Political Fund helps elect candidates who support letter carriers. By strengthening NALC's voice in Congress, the Letter Carrier Political Fund protects your rights and the future of the Postal Service. President Bill Young encourages every active member to donate at least $5 per pay period, and for every retired member to donate at least $5 per month. Help protect letter carrier interests by contributing today!

NALC e-Activist Network

Join the NALC e-Activists and receive e-mail "Action Alerts" from the NALC e-Activist Network. President Young said, "We need the help of all letter carriers to assist the Union in continuing its historic mission of defending letter carrier wages, working conditions, and job security because the battle to save the Postal Service has just begun." As an e-Activist, you will be called to phone, write, or e-mail to make your voice heard by our elected officials. Become a legislative activist. Your voice is needed to help sway Congress. If you think you can't make a difference, you are wrong. Collectively we  will make a difference.


NALC Carrier Corps

Join the Carrier Corps, an initiative designed to help friends of letter carriers in Congress, and drive anti-worker influence out of the White House. To join the Carrier Corps, active and retired letter carriers pledge a minimum of 10 hours of their personal time to walk precincts, hand out flyers and leaflets, make phone calls, or help out in other ways when NALC's leaders call. You will receive an NALC Campaign Shirt to wear during these duties as a symbol of our solidarity. This is your opportunity to take back America for working families.

Vote By Mail

Democracy is at its best when every citizen casts a vote. The NALC is convinced that mail-in voting helps ensure that every citizen can participate in our nations’s democratic process. Mail-in voting contributes to a stronger USPS and, in turn, continues to protect the service that our members provide every day.

Application For Permanent Absentee Voter (Los Angeles County) -- Fillable PDF file (fill, print, and sign)

Application For Permanent Absentee Voter (Ventura County) -- PDF file (print, fill, and sign)